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This exchange will focus on wheeled vehicles.  Since we like to encourage people to use alternative transportation, we won't limit it to cars.  If you can call it a whknow what program you have used.  If you used Thred, please send the THR file. Also please send a JPG  format picture file of the design, about 250 pixels square in size .  A scanner is the best way to make that picture.   If this sounds hard, this graphics lesson might help  If that doesn't help enough, send your  questions to ThredTalk ,our Thred Users group mailing list .

Please do not use copyrighted art for your design unless you have permission from the holder of the copyright.   

Please put your name in the file name , so we can keep track of the design.  For example, "JSmithcar3.thr".   We often get many designs with the same name.

Shortly after  December 18th, 2002,  I will mail each exchange member the URL for a private exchange page, where you will be able to download the designs.

Send designs to Alfie at AlfMc@charter.net   by midnight Pacific time December 18th, 2002 .


Design Exchange

This one is a freebie. Click the car.


Janos Kovacs

Marie Town 

Marie Town 

Juli Damazo

Juli Damazo





Sharon King

Nikki Overton

Diane Alderman