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  Bre in KC

 Happy Holidays,

Brenda Butcher

Brenda Butcher

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The two ornaments are the same.   One has a golden colored felt on the back which gives it a different look if you are using a see through fabric. 

I hooped two layers of gold tulle with an iridescent see thru fabric between the two layers of gold tulle.   I put “S-dsv”   (Adhesive Backed Water-Soluble Film by HOOP IT ALL) on the top.   This was the first time I had tried this and I really liked it.   It gave it a nice firm surface for the lace to sew on and it doesn’t require any spray.   Sew and then trim around the outside of the ornament.   I am going to back mine with a washable felt. 

Color one:       white Color two:       green Color three:   red