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 Cutwork Exchange

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  Simple Cutwork Example Design (free download)


 This cutwork exchange is going to expand our horizons.  I hope my example is helpful, but I do not claim to be an expert.  I made some pictures as I went along and wrote a basic lesson.  You might get an idea how the process works by looking at my design and  Lesson 39 .  If you want to read an expert description, you should investigate the books and websites listed below.  If you have suggestions for additional reading about cutwork or heirloom sewing, please send me information about the source and I'll post it here. mailto:Alfiemc@gmail.com

To enter the exchange, attach your completed design in the original file format to an e-mail addressed to me by midnight November 1st, 2002, Pacific time.   You may use any software you desire, but please let us know what program you have used.  If you used Thred, please send the THR file. Also please send a JPG  format picture file of the design, about 250 pixels square in size .  A scanner is the best way to make that picture.   If this sounds hard, this graphics lesson might help  If that doesn't help enough, send your  questions to ThredTalk ,our Thred Users group mailing list .

Please do not use copyrighted art for your design.  Please put your name in the file name, so we can keep track of the design.

Shortly after November 1st, I will mail each exchange member the URL for a private exchange page, where you will be able to download the designs.

Graphics lesson

Lesson 39, Cutwork basics

Cutwork Exchange Designs Page  

Books and Websites About Cutwork Embroidery


Penny Muncaster Jewel
12445.An Introduction To Machine Cutwork, a comprehensive guide to stitching
Machine Cutwork with the latest east techniques. Utilising a standard
straight stitch and zig-zag, this book teaches you basic, edge, multi-colour
and insertion cutwork as well as cutwork onto knitted fabrics and Richelieu
Bars. PB, Michelle Pullen, MV Designs,1996, 123p. $19.95 (New Book)

Singer's Decorative Machine Stitching, 

copyright 1990, from Cy DeCosse Incoporated,

  5900 Green Oak Drive,

  Minnetonka,Minnesota 55343


Graphics lesson

Lesson 39, Cutwork basics

Lesson 39A, Cutwork basics

Cutwork Exchange Designs Page (under construction)