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ThredX Apple Design Exchange

 A is for Apple; a good beginning.

download the bitmap Apple.zip

Our thanks to Vanessa Page for the bitmap.

Download the Apple Designs

Apple ThredX Design Exchange

Join our group digitizing project.. Digitize a design based on this bit map and send it to us, using the e-mail link at the left side of this page. Attach the design file to the e-mail. Send theTHR file so it will have the forms.

 We will post the designs you send in. Then you can download them all, and we can study and discuss the results. You may send in more than one version of the design if you want, but please test stitch your entries.

The bitmaps are in zip files and must be unzipped to be loaded into Thred. Thred accepts 24 bit or black and white bitmaps.

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