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Tutorials and Lessons

Basic Graphics Lessons

Peri's chart of daisy form settings:  http://www.summaries.ca/thred_lessons/chart.php

Elaine's Dline Lessons

Free Gardenia design and Lesson 11/06/00 ***  Step by Step Appliqué  Lesson ***New 03/2003***

HoleTutorial added 10/30/2000, you can either run it online , or you can download the zipped html version . Made with Thred Version 1.021

Getting Started Tutorial added 9/19/2000, you can either run it online , or you can download the zipped html version . Made with Thred Version 1.021

For beginners, visit Caroline's Adventures with Thred   http://home.austarnet.com.au/caroline/thred.phpl

Amy Webster's introduction to Thred  ( download file here )

"Anatomy of a Design" at Amy's website   http//www.aldawldup.com/

  Vanessa Page's lessons and Thred Games     http://www.ayeone.com/thred lessons.php

German Language Thred/Aladin lessons

  http://www.stickeria.net/    ***  http://home.t-online.de/home/Ulrike.Pieta/7_tag_mit_aladin.php

If you have questions about using bitmaps for digitizing, we suggest Bocca Sue Rambo's Computerized Sewing Using Windows 98 Paint Program. available in PDF format on CD.

Contact her by email: mailto:bocca75604@yahoo.com

You can view the on line Rotate and Duplicate Tutorial from your web browser.

Or, you can download the zipped html version of the Rotate and Duplicate Tutorial (281K). You may want to view it with your browser in one window while you go through the 11 easy steps in your Thred window using the demo version of Thred, 1.018 or higher. Vanessa Page has made a video version, see link above.

The download html version is entirely self contained, and will not attempt to log you on. It fits entirely in one directory so it's easy to delete when you no longer need it. Just download it into the directory of your choice, unzip it, and find the index.php with your Internet browser.

Hexagon Rose Tutorial   The free Hexagon Rose design can be made in just the few easy steps described in the illustrated tutorial.

  Mousekey table ******* Hotkey table

Tips and Tricks- Needle drop out fix  picture