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Next to my embroidery machine there is a small basket into which I toss  scraps and tails of embroidery thread as I work.  To make this star, I used some of those scraps.

Lay out a clean pressing cloth,and place over it a sheet of light weight water soluble stabilizer,drop a few threads on top of the stabilizer, then a square of light netting.   Put a few more threads on top, but not so many that the light won't come through the finished star.  Then place another layer of light solvy on the pile.  This can also be done with scrap pieces of stabilizer laid on top of each other.Then fold the "sandwich" inside the pressing cloth, being careful not to scramble the stack.

In this order:

layer of pressing cloth

water soluble stabilizer

thread scraps


thread scraps

water soluble stabilizer

layer of pressing cloth

Press the layers of thread" sandwich" with a hot dry iron,  just until the edges seal so that the threads are easy to handle when you lay them on the hooped  heavy weight water soluble stabilizer. (Badge Master or Romeo work well.)  DO NOT USE STEAM.

 In this design, bridal veil net, petticoat net or organza all work inside the star. It could be stitched on heavier fabric, but I like to use a single layer of light net best. 

Lay the sandwich of threads and net on top of the hooped Badge Master or other heavy water soluble stabilizer, after you attach the hoop to the machine.  

Stitch the first color of the design.    Now  trim the excess thread sandwich away as shown below.  Do not try to trim too closely.

 Stitch the remainder of the design. When it is finished, trim away some of the w.s.s., and put the design (attached to the remaining bit of the heavy water soluble stabilizer) into  a bowl of warm water.  

Carefully soak the stabilizer until it is soft. 

Rinse.  Do not wring or squeeze.

The border will stitch outside the star area where there is nothing to support it but the water soluble stabilizer.  When you rinse that away, be careful not to rub the feather stitches too much. 

 Shape the hanging ring by putting your fingertip in it. 

A llow to dry flat on a clean white cloth.


 How to Stitch the Scrap Star