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MouseKey Table

Right Click to download a PDF version of this table.

These keys are the ones you need to learn. There are more that you might want to learn in the Hotkey table . The keyboard shortcuts save time you would spend moving the mouse up to the menu and then back to the screen while you work. You may print this using your browser program, try "File/Print".




Select the stitch closest to the mouse cursor. To deselect, right click on an empty part of the screen, or hit "Q". Use this when selecting stitches near form points or the program "wants" to pick the form point instead of a stitch. You can also turn of the forms using "Frm+/-".


Draw or delete a satin guideline to control the direction the stitches go in fan fill. The line will start at the form point closest to the mouse cursor. When you use "Convert to ribbon" to make "satin" stitches from a line form,moving the "D" lines will change the angle of the satin stitches.This is the way to have the greatest control over your satin stitches, although the satin fills on the menu are easier to use.


If a form, a stitch, or a range of stitches is selected, this command deletes the selected item. If nothing is selected, it deletes a form point near the mouse cursor.


Hold the mouse cursor near a form point and hit "E". Then you can insert multiple form points. Right click elsewhere or hit "Q" to exit this mode.


Form: If a form is selected, shows the form data sheet, which we also call the form-form. You can change a fill by changing the entries in the "form-form". If a form is not selected, "F" shows a menu of forms to choose from.


"M" Inserts an "X" mark for zooming. When this mark is visible, it will be the center of zoom in or zoom out. The mark can be deleted by hitting "Q" or "Escape"."Shift-M" will put a mark in the center of the screen. " Control-M"puts a mark at a selected point.


Put your cursor on a bitmap, and hit "U". Thred will show all the pixels in the bitmap dimmer than the one under the mouse cursor. See: "Trace mode" in Help Files or User's Manual.


Deselect stitches and return to move mode


Shift the view. The view is shifted . When the "S" key is hit , the place under the mouse cursor becomes the new center of the screen. Move the cursor toward the area you want to see, and hit "S".


Hit "space" to set stitches. When you left clicked the mouse while in this mode, stitches will be "set", or go into the stitch order following the stitch that was selected If no stitch is selected, stitch will be inserted the stitch under the mouse cursor. If there is no stitch under the mouse cursor, insert mode will not be entered. If you are in insert mode, hit "space" to get back to move mode. Right click or hit the "Esc" key to quit adding stitches.


Put your cursor near the edge of an object on a bitmap, and hit "U". Thred will show all the pixels in the bitmap brighter than the one under the mouse cursor. See:Trace mode


Show the four stitches closest to the mouse cursor. Thred draws a different color and size of box around each stitch so you can tell at a glance when you have up to four stacked stitches.


Hold the mouse cursor near a form point and hit "W". Thred will insert a form point where he cursor is.


Select a form point near the mouse cursor.

Z, A

“Z” zooms in. "A"zooms away.

, (Comma)

Join two forms. Select one form,then hold the mouse cursor near the point on the second form where you want the forms to be joined and left -click the comma ","key.