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Hit "End" while holding down the control key, or select add from the main menu bar. A line will appear from the last stitch in the design to your mouse cursor.


Hold your mouse cursor over the first stitch in the design, which is the other end of the gap, and left click.


Move your mouse cursor down the line from the first stitch and left click near the second or third stitch in the stitch order to complete the circle. Hit "x" to zoom all the way out.


Select "edit/Delete/Large Stitches" from the main menu bar to go through the design and delete any stitches that are too large


Hit "F2" or select "edit/Snap Together" to move any stitches which are really close together so they will be right on top of one another.


Select "edit/Set Knots" to set knots at the beginning and end of the stitch order. If there were jump stitches in the design, set knots would also set knots at the beginning and end of the jump stitches.

Next Step

Select all forms and stitches