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Hit the "delete" key 11 times. This will delete form points on nearly one half of the form.


Hit the "q" key to de-select the form point that is selected. Hold the mouse cursor near the first form point with the slightly larger box at the bottom of the form.


Hit the delete key. This will complete deleting half the form. Hit the "q" key to de-select the form point. Hit the "x" key to zoom all the way out.


Hold the mouse cursor below the form at approximately the position of the small small x in the above illustration.


Hit the "m" key. This will place a mark (x) at the position of the mouse cursor. This mark will be the center of rotation for the Rotate and Duplicate.


Right click near one of the form points to select the form.


Select "edit/Set/Rotation Angle". Enter a rotation angle of 20 and hit "enter".

Next Step

Rotate and duplicate.