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With the polygon selected, hit the "f" key or left click "form" on the main menu bar.


An information box called the "form-form" will appear. The form-form is used to review and change the characteristics of forms.


The top line of the form-form should say "Form"on the left and have a small box to the right that says "Polygon".


Left click on the polygon box, and it will then say "line". The line near the bottom of the form between the first point in the form and the last point will disappear. The first point on a form, called the Zero point, always has a larger box.


Hold the mouse cursor near the last point on the form and hit the "y" key. That point will become selected, and a small cross will replace the box.


On the left side of the Thred window near the bottom, are some boxes. The fifth box up from the bottom shows the form point that is selected. It should say "23".

Next Step

Delete form points and set the rotation angle and the mark.