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 Twisted Three Dimensional Ornaments, Step by Step

Download the Star Design


Hoop a layer of Badge Master, Romeo or similar heavy weight water-soluble stabilizer and one layer of Petticoat Netting.   If you are using soluble laundry bags, use more than one layer.   Prepare a second layer of Petticoat Netting and one of felt or stiffened fashion fabric in a bright color.   Lay those over the hoop at the machine, as for appliqué.   It is also possible to stitch the ornament designs on two or three layers of netting alone.   



Stitch until the first color stop.

  Remove the hoop from the machine,but leave the design in the hoop.   

Trim away the un-hooped layers back to the line of stitching.   Do not cut the bottom layer of net or w.s.s.


Stitch the remainder of the design.  

  Remove from hoop and cut between the inner shape and the second row of stitching, but do not cut the posts that will support the inner part.   


Soak a few minutes in warm water.   Rub the water-soluble stabilizer into the design; do not attempt to rinse it all away. It will help stiffen the ornament.

Twist the inner section until it stands out the opposite direction of the outer parts.


  Hang to dry.

 I suggest white net and white thread.   That way you can use pre-wound bobbins and it still looks good.   If you want to wind bobbins, you could make the stitches metallic or colored and it might be even prettier.  Send pictures if you stitch out a good one.


Download these instructions as a Word file