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  Step 3, Selecting Stitch Points

Above, we see the stitch arrow cursor on the lower right of the blue hexagon. This is not a mouse cursor. It does not follow the mouse when it moves. It shows the selected stitch point. The arrow points toward the next stitch point in the stitch order. The blue hexagon is in the stitch window. This window shows the design as it will appear when it is stitched out.

To the right of the stitch window is the color ribbon, which shows the colors of the design in their stitch order all in a line. From this, we can tell that the blue hexagon will stitch before the red setpagon. The small reddish mark in the blue portion of the color ribbon shows the position of the selected stitch point, near the beginning of the stitch order.

The small text boxes in the lower left of the Thred window also give us information about the drawing. The fourth box down which says "sel 4" tells us that the stitch point we have selected is fourth in the stitch order. "tot 41" means there are a total of 41 stitches in the design. "min 3.57" means that the smallest stitch in the design is 3.57 millimeters long, and "max 36.22" indicates the longest stitch is 36.33 millimeters. "x187 y308" shows the x and y coordinates of the stitches. The x0 y0 is at the lower left of the stitch window.

A stitch point can be selected by:

Right clicking near the stitch.

Typing the number of the stitch.

Right clicking at the stitch position on the color ribbon.

Once a stitch point has been selected, move the stitch arrow cursor with the left and right arrows. The left arrow moves it to the previous point in the stitch order. The right arrow moves it to the next point in the stitch order.

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