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D-line Lesson

Elaine, from Queensland, Australia, has kindly sent these examples of D-lines in use.  
 A D-line is a direction line, and controls the direction of the stitches in a form.  They are associated with  fan stitch and other borders or fills that use the same fan stitch code, such as "convert to satin" or "feather stitch".  You will see a dark line connecting two form points where there is a "D-line".  You can control the direction of the stitches by dragging either or both ends of the "D-line" to another position. 
If you have any questions please email Elaine at australvista@yahoo.com.au .

To download this file click the link below.


- j apx1 ------ Convert to Satin ribbon........ Effect due to dragging Dlines to shape and fill
                                       Spacing 0.55 or 0.60

hart3x- Fan Fill -- selective placement of limit Dlines (Teflon) and blended different colored forms.

To download this file click the link below:




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