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Lesson 53

Textured Fill

This is what the finished fill looks like on screen.  Since I did not make a pattern with stitches 4 mm or closer to each other,  (the number chosen in the "Max Fill Stitch" window),the program added stitches to break up the long ones I drew. 

To retrieve the fill if you want to use it again for another form, select the form you want to copy the fill from and press the "F4" key.  Now select the empty target form,  and "Shift+E" or click Fill/Textured".  When you get the little texture window, it will already show the fill you used in the first form, so you need only click your choice of "vert"," horz", or "angle".

If you change the number in the line "Fill Angle" the fill will change to that angle.  You may use underlay, edgewalk or centerwalk with a textured fill if desired.

Lesson55, Form Update

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