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Lesson 52, Textured Fills

To make a textured fill, select the form you want to fill, then press either the key combination "Shift+E", or click "Fill/Textured".  You will see a window with a grid of lines.if you decide not to make a textured fill pattern, you can get back out of this window by pressing the "Escape" key.  The number of lines depends on the settings at the bottom left of the screen.  In this example it is 16 mm square and the fill spacing is .45.  Further experience suggests that a better size is 9mm or smaller, since that keeps the stitches all short enough not to cause an automatic stitch  which will mess up the pattern.

The small x's represent stitches in the pattern.  To get a stitch you can right click one stitch at a time, or press "E" and make a line across the rows.  That is how the line above was made.  The finished fill pattern is shown below.  To remove a stitch, left click on it to select it, and press "D" or the "Delete" key.

To fill the form select one of the three choices at the bottom left, "Vert" or vertical textured fill, "horz" horizontal textured fill, or "angle' for a textured fill the angle of which can be changed by the user.

Lesson 53, Textured fill 2   

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