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The bottom form is the same as the one on the top,  but the" Hole" setting  is now larger than the whole flower.  To get a good effect with a hole shaped like a flower, make the "Hole size" number as large, or larger than, the sum of Center size added to Petal size.  A form like this filled with Fan or Feather is very interesting.  The fill will be in between the two lines, with the center empty

Lesson 45, Daisy Forms

Lesson 46 Daisy Mirror

lesson 47, Daisy Center

Lesson 48, Daisy Petal

Lesson 49, Daisy D-Line

Lesson 51 , Daisy Holes

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Lessons Index

Lesson 50

Daisy Form, Inner Points

The picture on the left shows a cog Daisy with the inner petal points set at "1".  This does not mean there will be one form point in the inside of the petal, but a larger number means there will be a larger number of inner petal points.  The top form in the picture on the right was made with the same settings, except that the petal points was changed to "9".  This is not going to stitch well unless you stretch the form up to a larger size, but it demonstrates the way it works