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Lesson 46,  Mirror in the Daisy form

The daisy form looks very different when you change the mirror number. This feature lets us make petals that are more interesting than a simple daisy.  The program will mirror the side of a petal and make the other half look as if  the we were seeing the first in a  mirror.  The numbers are not literally the number of form points on the half of the petal.  But the larger the number, the more form points on the petal.

In this daisy, the petal size is 7 points, but the mirror size is 6.  That makes a fairly large curve on each side of the petal and looks rather like a heart.  We considered calling this type of petal " heart ", but si;  

The daisy form set up has so many variables that we haven't yet tried all the possible combinations.  We're eager to see what comes of this.

Lesson 47, Daisy Center

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