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Lesson 45

Daisy Forms

Most of Thred's automatic forms work in simple, obvious ways.  The Daisy form may take a bit more explanation.  If you experiment with the various settings, you will soon get an idea of how it works.  Here are some examples, along  with a few words about what the settings do.

What do the settings mean?

Petals simply controls the number of petals in the daisy form.

Petal Points control the number of form points in eachs before the petal indentation starts.

Petal size controls the  indentation where the petal is closest to the center.

Holes are controlled by the check box and the size both. You must select the check box if you want the form to have a hole, but the size of the hole is controlled by the number you type into the box.  The number of center points in the hole is affected by the number in the " Inner Petal Points " field.

D-Lines are direction lines that will control the direction of the stitches in a Fan, Feather, or Satin Ribbon,  fill .  Thred will make them automatically if you check the box "D-Lines". 

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