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Lesson 41D, Car Continued


The first time I filled the body form and the fenders, I had a big jump stitch between them. To fix it, I used "Edit/Set/Form/ Zero Point".

I selected a form point on the body form that was near the beginning stitch of the fender by pressing "Y" while holding my cursor near it.  There are other ways to select a form point, but I like this one.  Don't ask me "y". 

 When you have the form point selected,press "Edit/Set/Form Zero Point".  you may need to do that for the fender also.  Once I had both forms filled with bean stitch, I decided the design needed more color.  So I made a line form that would cover the fender and copied it.  I filled the first copy got a border of Angle fill at spacing 1 mm. Next  I used "Edit/Convert to/Satin Ribbon" on the other copy of that line form .  Then I edited the Direction lines until I was pleased with the look.  See lesson 24 for help with satin ribbon and D lines.

After  this picture was made, I moved the satin stitches into place over the underlay.  Once again I copied the fender for the back tire, and connected it with a line form filled with line stitches.  I used the same method as for the tire.

Lesson41 E, Car continued

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