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Lesson 41B, Car continued

I deleted the traced for for the rear tire.  It's easier to copy the one I already made than make a second one.

To prevent a jump between the two tires, I made a line form that will suggest a shadow at the bottom of the car. I hope that will not be conspicuous.  I made it long enough to edge walk the back tire and to end at the point where the tire form begins.  Now I can select the tire form in front and press <Control+C> to copy it, then position my cursor where the tire belongs and press <Control+V> to paste it.

When both tires are on the car, it is time to make the steering wheel and seat .


I tried several versions of the steering wheel.  I deleted the form the trace made and used a line form with Perpendicular border.  Press "Add" on the top menu and look for the end stitch.  Then you can see if you need to make a connecting form.  I did.  To connect the wheel to the seat, I made a line form and filled it with line stitches. Then I selected the seat form and filled it with an angle fill.


Lesson 41C, Car continued

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