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To trace the bitmap, select "Edit/Trace/Trace Mode", or press <Control+T>.  Then click any place inside the Thred screen area.  When you do this you will see a change on the screen.  This is the trace of the cartoon car.





Autotrace, continued A

Lessons Index

Lessons Index

Lesson 40, Autotrace

Thred will trace a bitmap.  This is useful with simple images, but to create a good embroidery design you need to plan the stitching path carefully and  trace parts of the design in small sections.  Do not expect to be able to autotrace a picture and simply fill one or two forms and have a nice design.  

Choosing or preparing a bitmap carefully will help you get good results.  You need a simple background.  Line art is excellent.  A photograph will take more effort to trace, but it can be done.  Thred will load a bitmap that is saved as 1 bit (black and white line art), or 24 bit (millions of colors), but will not load files that are 256 colors.  You can save a256 color file as 24 bit color in most graphics programs.  See basic graphics lessons.

First load the bitmap.  Lesson 10, Loading a Bitmap   Also, click "Preferences/ Grid Cutoff" and change the cutoff  number to 2 or more.  That way you will not have the background grid in the trace.

Marion drew the bitmap used here.  Download cartoon car bitmap.