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Lesson 39A

Cutwork Basics,Stitching  Your Cutwork Design

When the design is digitized and ready to test, hoop a heavy water soluble stabilizer, such as Badge Master or Romeo, with a tightly woven fabric, preferably cotton or linen, not stretch knit.  You can do cutwork on stretch fabric, but it would be best to begin with a woven fabric first and practice  The curtain behind my machine was made from a hand embroidered table cloth..

er of the design.

Cut or tear away the water soluble stabilizer, both top and bottom, being careful not to put too much pressure on the embroidery stitches.  

Soak the design in warm water for a few minutes, or longer until the the WSS is melted. Rinse well, but gently.

Press, face down with  a pressing cloth.  

You may need to trim the cut edges carefully again, when done.

Lesson 39, cutwork basics

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