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Lesson 38d,   Feather fill, " Both"and " Feather Floor"

Feather fill example design 

The fill below has "Both"selected.  That means that both sides of the fill are affected by the features you selected.  In this picture the feather fill is "ragged".  


Feather floor

The first form is filled the same as the red one shown below, except that the stitches are blue and the "Feather floor" setting was 1.5.  That number changes the size of the smallest stitch the program will make in that fill, so the bottom stitches in each form look different.  The red fill starts to "feather" farther from the bottom edge of the form than the blue one does.  Feather floor doesn't make a noticeable difference in all kinds of feather fills, only those where the distance from the form edge (feather floor) is smaller than the fill stitch length.

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