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Lesson 38b,  Feather Ribbon

When you select a  line form, then click "Edit/ Convert to Feather Ribbon", the form will be converted to a feather ribbon form.   The hotkey for this is "Shift/F".   Feather ribbon follows rules similar to those for a satin ribbon.  To learn how to add form points or change fill angle and fill direction in a  feather ribbon,read about convert to satin ribbon .

In the picture below, I clicked the" Feather type"  line,and selected "Curve 2" from the options offered.  Then on the line with the word  "blend",   I clicked the word "off" which toggled to "On".  That made a fill with two colors of thread blending at the center of the form.  This is interesting and may be very useful, but if you use a group of forms that have blended feather fills, you are going to end up with a lot of color changes.  If you are going to rotate and duplicate a fill like this, it may be best to use separate two forms to get the same result.

There is no substitution for practice.  Try different variations until you learn what pleases you.  Be sure to test stitch.

Lesson 38c, Feather Fill options

Feather fill example design

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