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Lesson 34, Satin Stitch Borders, Angle Satin

Under "Fill / Border", Angle Satin,Perpendicular Satin, Appliqué, and "Edit / Convert to Satin Ribbon" can all be used to create satin borders.  Lesson 24 and Lesson 25 cover Convert to Satin Ribbon, which is very pretty when used to make a border with stitches of varying lengths, but for a border that is the same width along the entire form, the automatic satin borders are easier to use.  


How do you set the Preferences for satin stitches?

"Border width", " Satin form ends", " Satin underlay", " Maximum stitch length" , and "Fill spacing" all affect the border. 

Border width determines how wide the satin edge will be.  You can set it before you fill, or select the form after you fill it and press "F".  Change the Border size number in the form data box that will appear on the screen.   You should see an immediate change in the stitches of that form. The border size is  measured in Millimeters.


"Satin form ends"

You can set "Satin form ends" in Preferences,or after you fill the form, you can use the "F" key to get the form data box and change it there.  You need to use the "F" key data box if you want one end to be pointed and one to be blunt.

This image shows how  the shape of a pointed end is changed  by distance between the end of the stitches and  the form node closest to the end.

You can use a border on any form type, but sharp pointed forms do not always work well.  The blue example would not stitch well and should not be used.

Appliqué borders look the same as Angle Satin, but the Appliqué feature creates two layers of border.  The first is a line of stitches intended to anchor a piece of fabric to be applied.  There is a color stop after that line of stitches, so that the user can stop the machine and trim the appliquéd fabric if desired.  Then the program makes a border of satin stitches.   See Lesson 35.

Lesson 35,Appliqué 

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