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Lesson 33, "Up To"

When you are working on a design, it is sometimes hard to know when the stitch you have selected will stitch. You might see it right next to another stitch, but how can you know if it stitches before or after that stitch?  "Up To" hides every stitch beyond the selected stitch, so you see only the stitches "Up To" that point.  

The words "up to: on" in the on the left side of  the screen will turn to "up to:off" if you click there.  The program toggles between on and off when you click there, but the hotkey for this feature is easier to use.  It is the far right hand key on your keyboard, the number pad "minus" ( -) key.  This is very convenient for right handed users. The selected stitch is marked by an arrow pointed in the direction the stitch order is moving.  If you press the right hand arrow key on your keyboard, the selected stitch will move to the next one in that stitching order.  If you press the left hand arrow, Thred will select the one previous to this stitch.  You can arrow through your design slowly this way.  If you hold the "Shift" key down while you press the right or left arrow key,  the stitches will be selected and can be moved, deleted etc., as a group.

  You can also move to another stitch by clicking on the right hand color ribbon.  In the picture above, the purple mark in the stripe of pink color at the right is the selected stitch.  Clicking somewhere else in the ribbon will select that stitch and show the stitches "up to"that point. 

Set your "Preferences" for a "Stitch Box Cutoff" of 1, then zoom in once and you can see the stitch boxes of all the stitches, but the stitches beyond the selection are not shown on the screen.   Clicking on one of the stitch boxes shown will select that stitch, and show the stitches "up to"that point.   This is a great tool for editing a design.    

Lesson 34 , Satin Stitch Borders, Angle Satin

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