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 Lesson 31, Snap Together

Snap Together moves stitches that are close together into position right on top of each other.  It is handy for making clipboard fill motifs, or for "walking" back out of a line of stitches exactly on the old ones,although you can also use "Edit/Retrace" to do this automatically.

WARNING! Snap together may make a mess of your design if you set the number very small and select the whole design.  Look carefully at the results before you move on to the next step, and use  the "B" key or "Undo" if you aren't happy with the result.  

To Snap stitches together, you first need to set the "Preferences/ Snap to Size"

Then you can select the stitches  (right click on the color ribbon at the right of the screen, or select them with Shift/arrow keys) and left click to select 'Edit/Snap/Together".

If you have not chosen the a large enough "Snap to Size", Thred may not move all the stitches you want to move. You can see that in the example below, where the beginning and end stitches are not aligned. The program will not move any stitches that are farther apart than the number you chose.  You may have to change that setting and try again.

Lesson 32, Nudge

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