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Lesson 29b, 

 Rotate and Duplicate Continued, Set Rotation Segments

This option lets you decide the number of repeats that will fit in the 360 degree circle surrounding the mark. 

When you select the word Segments in the screen, you get a box in which you can type the number of segments you want.  Just start typing and press enter when you have typed the number. 


It is possible to set the number so that the objects you repeat fit neatly into the circle, or you may want overlapping objects.  But in some cases this option will make a design that does not stitch well.  If you do not want your repeats to overlap, and don't want to figure out the angle yourself,  use "Edit/ Set/ Rotation / Angle from Mark". Thred will calculate the number of complete objects that fit into the circle without overlapping.

Lesson 29c. "Set Rotation Angle from Mark"

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