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Lesson 29,  Rotate and Duplicate

Thred lets you duplicate forms or stitches while you rotate them.  This is an easy way to make a pleasing design.  First make a form and fill it.  I chose a "squeezed" heart shaped form made by selecting the form Thred made and dragging the center side point inward.  I deleted the center top form point so the point of the heart would not dip so sharply.

Then I pressed "Shift/M" to set a mark in the center of the screen.  "Shift /M" makes the mark in the center of the screen, but you may make a mark at any place you choose.  Just put your cursor where you want the mark and press "M".   If you use "M" to make a mark for zooming,remember that your rotate and duplicate will happen wherever the mark is.  To erase a mark use either the "Q" or "Escape"key.

This form is filled with a clipboard fill.  (see lessons 12,13 and 14.) 

Lesson 12, Clipboard Fills, A

Lesson 13, Clipboard fills, B (also Selecting Stitches)

Lesson 14, Clipboard fills, C

Next it is time to set the rotation value.  There are three options. set rotation angle,set angel from mark or set segments.

Let's begin at the top with " Edit/ Set/Rotation/ Angle" .  That means you choose the angle at which the rotated object will be located. The angle is measured from the mark you made.   In this picture "Segments" is selected,but it could easily be "Angle" instead.