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Lesson 29b, Rotate and Duplicate Continued   "Set/ Rotation"segments.

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Lessons Index

Lesson 29a, Rotate and Duplicate, part 2

" Edit/ Set/ Rotation/Angle"  

I chose the number 50 for my rotation angle.  Then I held down the "Shift" key while I pressed the "Page Up" key repeatedly until my circle of petals was complete.  It is also possible to do this by selecting "Edit/Rotate/ Command", but the hotkey is much faster and easier. Some hotkeys are really very helpful. This is one that is well worth learning.

The design looks like this:

The jump stitches are undesirable and can be slightly improved by using the "F3" or "Edit/ Sort Auto". 

 It is also possible to rotate more than one form at a time, so you can make a line form that "walks" along the edge of the filled heart form, and moves to the next form at the closest point.   To use that option instead, make and fill the forms, then select both, and press the "Shift/ Page Up"  key combination until you have as many duplicates as you want.  Or you might want to rotate and duplicate only the stitches.  In that case it would be a good idea to save a file with the forms in it to a different name, and work in a second file.  That way you can go back and change your "petal" easily, the "Rotate and Duplicate" it again.