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 Lesson 30 Snap to Grid

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  Lessons Index

Lesson 27, Sort by Form, part B, continued from Lesson 26, Sort by Form,  part A

Once you have selected the form,press "Edit/Set Form Number" or  ( "/ ").  The hot key  for this sort is the forward slash key.  When you select this function by either method, you will see a box on the screen.  Keeping in mind that the form numbers begin with zero, type in the new form number.  

Then select "Edit/ Sort/ By Form number", or hold down the "Shift" key  and press "F3".

The design will now stitch out in the order in which the forms are numbered.  The underlay may still be a second color.  This is a personal choice for the digitizer.  Some designers prefer to leave a color stop in the underlay so that the underlay can be stitched in the same color as the background fabric, others use the color of the stitches on top.