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Lesson 26, Sort by Form (Shift/F3)

When you Overlay a file or Insert a File, sometimes you find that the design stitches in the wrong order.  You can change the form numbers until the forms are numbered in the order in which you want them to stitch, then use "Edit/Sort/ by Form".  An important detail you need to remember about Thred is that it uses Zero based number systems.  So the first form is number "0", NOT number "1".  The programmer assures us that there are good reasons for this.

If you look at the color ribbon on the right side of the screen, and at the stitches on the screen,you see the underlay is on top.  

To select that form, hit "Escape" to clear away any selections, then press the "Down"arrow.  That form could also be selected by using the "Up arrow", but since it is the last of 27 forms, it is easier to do with the "Down arrow".  The form number of a selected form is on the left side of the screen where the cursor arrow is pointing in the picture above.  The number of forms and other useful information about the design can be seen by pressing "View/Design Information" or pressing the apostrophe key.

Once you have selected the form,press "Edit/Set Form Number" or  ( "/ ").  The hot key is the forward slash key.  When you select this function by either method, you will see a box on the screen.  Continued on Lesson 27, Sort by Form, B .

Lesson 28,  View Design Information

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