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Lesson 23,  Copying a Form, and Layers

The simplest way to copy a form is the Window's clipboard.  For a simple form,even a filled form, so long as it is without hand inserted stitches,  it is easy to select it and use "Control/C" or "Control/X"  in combination with "Control/V" to copy it.  

"Control/X" removes the original, "Control/C' leaves the original as it was. 

Put your cursor where you want  the new form and press "Control/V" to make a new copy. You can do this more than one time. 

You can have only one thing on the clipboard at a time.  When you use this method to copy a form, if you had some stitches already in the clipboard, they will be overwritten by the form.

 To make a copy or several copies of a form you may also use "Edit/Copy to layer/..."   In this case, the form was copied to layer 1.

In order to see the new form,which will be empty, with no fills or borders, you must click on the number "1" at the top of the screen.  That moves you to layer "1".  You may have to move the original form to see or select the new one because they may be stacked so perfectly that the two forms cancel each other out and become invisible. Just select the top one and drag it over a bit. 

Use Layers when you want to make two duplicate forms in the same place.  It is impossible to have infinite background color choices without some problems with color canceling.  If you put two identical forms on top of each other, the colors may cancel each other, so the two forms can seem to disappear.  When you want two identical forms, put one on one layer and in order of form number.  Down Arrow moves backward through the forms by their form numbers, "Up Arrow" moves forward.  You can see the form number on the left bottom side of the screen when you have a form selected.

When you open Thred, you are on Layer "0".  Anything on layer zero is visible on all the layers.  Anything on layers "1" through "4" is only visible when you have that layer selected.

When you paste something while you have one of the layers, "1", "2", "3", or "4" selected,whatever you paste will go onto that layer, and will be visible only when you have that layer selected.

Lesson 24, Convert to Satin Ribbon, and Lettering for Logos

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