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Lesson 21, Picot Borders, Section B

The Picot border feature combines some features of a Buttonhole border with a Clipboard border. The length of the stems under the clips can be changed in the "BH corner" line of the "Form Data Box" ("F" key). That stem will be made of bean stitch (triple stitch), so if you make it too short, it will not stitch well. I like them long enough to show behind a line of satin stitch.


If you look at the top of the heart above on the left, you see that the two sides of the border overlap. On the right the button hole corner length is 4, which is long enough to stitch reasonably well, but  short enough to keep the picots from crossing at the top. You can also fix a cross like that by deleting a form point, or moving form points. To move a form point, left-drag it to the place where you want it. The Picot Border feature makes a clip every where there is a form point. This border works best when there is ample room between form points. To delete a form point, select it and press the delete key.  If the form points are far apart, and the picot border makes unwanted picots between the form points, change the Picot Spacing to a larger number than the distance between the form points.

You can select a form point by clicking on it, or by holding the cursor close to it and pressing "Y". ("C"selects a stitch.) Once the form point is selected, press the "Delete" key.

You might like to copy the form and fill the copy with an Angle Satin border. In this case I just selected the heart form and used "Control C"/ "Control/V", but there are several ways you can copy a form. (See lesson 23) , You can center it over the picot border by eye, or you can use Thred commands. See lesson 22 ,Centering.

Seconf form filled with Angle Satin border centered over Picot border.



Lesson 22,Centering

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