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Lesson 20, Picot Borders

This border option is a Clipboard border. See also Lesson 12, Clipboard Fills, section A.   Picots are traditional in crochet. This border is a fun way to approximate the effect.

The group of stitches you want to use as the clip should begin to stitch at the top and end at the top. Place it on the windows clipboard by selecting the stitches and pressing "Control/C". The clip used for this border is outside the heart. It is just four stitches arranged in a diamond, with the beginning and end stitches at the top. I left it there for you to see, but usually I use "Control X, which removes the clip from the screen at the same time it puts the clip on the Windows clipboard.

Picot Border with the original clip

The border is inside the heart, not outside where it belongs. This is easy to fix.

 "Edit/Flip/Order" will solve this problem. The form points were running the wrong direction, and Flip Order rearranged them. "Edit/Flip/Order" will also make selected stitches stitch in the order opposite to the way they were before the function was used.  

Lesson 21 shows changing the length of the "stems" under the clips, deleting a form point to remove a picot the finished border with satin stitches over the picots.

Lesson 21, Picot Borders, section B

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