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Lesson 18, Zoom, and Shift Zoom

There are many ways to Zoom , some of which are unique to this program.

You can use the words "in" and "out" on the top menu. The program will Zoom in on a selected stitch or form.This is slow, but sure.

In and Out written on menu at the top of Thred screen

You can also use "Z" and "A" and "X". The "Z"key zooms in, The "A" (Away ) key zooms out.

The "X" key will zoom out to show the full screen.

What you have selected determines where the program will zoom.

If you have nothing selected, Thred zooms in on the middle of the screen.

If you select one or more stitches or forms,Thred zooms in on the selection.

If you have nothing selected, but the cursor is on the screen, Thred zooms where the cursor points.

If you have a mark, Thred will zoom in on that rather than any of the above.

zoom on cursor

If you hold the cursor near an edge of the screen and press the "S" key, Thred shifts the view to include the area in that direction. This is very convenient when you are zoomed in close, because you can move the view without having to zoom in and out.

You can make a mark and Thred will zoom to that mark. Use the "M" key, which will put a mark where your cursor points. If you have a stitch or form selected, press "Control/M" or "Edit/Set/Zoom Mark at selected point". "Shift/M" puts a mark at the center of your screen. Thred will center the zoom over a mark if one exists. If you have a mark on screen, but want to zoom somewhere else, you need to use the "Q" (Quit) key, which will erase all marks and drop all selections, or you can make a new mark where you want to zoom next.

Zoom mark

Lesson 19, Frm +/-

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