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Lesson 16, Marks; Rotation Mark

The mark I use most commonly is a zoom mark. Just tap the "M"key and Thred will put a mark where your cursor is. Then if you hit "Z", it will zoom on that mark. Hit "Q" to make the mark "Quit".

You can hit "Shift M" to get a mark centered in the the middle of the screen.

X shaped mark in center of Thred screen.

To use Rotate and Duplicate, you can Set a rotation angle from a mark.

If you select those commands, you will see something like this:

It means that you can duplicate that stitch selection 14 times in a circle around that mark and it will come out even, with no fractions left over. Use "Edit/ Rotate/and Duplicate " to do that. It will look like this.

design of 14 rotated stitch segments

For Move to mark, "Period" key, (.) see Lesson 07, How to Change Stitching Order & "Move to Mark"

Lesson 17, Chain Stitch

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