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Lesson 15, Rotate

Thred will rotate a selected group of stitches, and/or forms. Select your stitches, then press the "Tab"key hotkey, or use the series of commands shown below,"Edit/Rotate/Command" .

When you select "Command", you will see a blank box. Put the cursor over it and type the angle of rotation you want . For instance, entering "90" would make the image turn on it's side by 90 degrees. Thred rotates just the stitches if that is what you select. To rotate the form and stitches, select the form also. You can rotate one and not the other. This is not always a good thing to do.

When you use the "Tab" hotkey rotate, you will see a box with across in it over the selection. Put the cursor near that box, but outside it. Hold down the left mouse button and drag the mouse cursor (Left drag). Now you see a line between the cursor and the cross in the box. As you move the mouse, the selection will rotate. You can't enter a number for this type of rotation, but it is easy and fast to use. Unfortunately, the capture program won't make an image of it in use.

Lesson 16,Marks

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