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Lesson 14D, Clipboard fill scales

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To make a fish covered by scales :

Make a regular polygon form with 12 sides. Fill it with a horizontal fill. Delete all but three points on half of the form so it looks like this. The data box is the form-form,which you get by pressing "F".

Select the scale form and press "Control/C" to place the stitch data on the Windows clipboard.

Make a free hand form that is the shape of a fish and fill it with a clipboard angle fill. ("Fill/Clipboard/Angle").  You will not get this result at first, because you have to change the fill spacing and phase to make the fill continuous.  If you select the fish form and press the "F" key for the "form-form", this is what you will see:

If you change the fill in the scale to a vertical or angle fill, there will be jump stitches.  This clip starts stitching at the bottom and ends at the top, which is what is needed for a jump free clipboard fill.

Juli Damazo in Hawaii, used  fill spacing -4 and phase 2 to get results that leave just a tiny space around the scales.  She says it gives perfect definition to the scales.

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