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Lesson 14, Clipboard fills, section C

Once you have a group of stitches on the clipboard, you should make and select a form, or open a file with a form already in it and select the form. Then click "Fill" and choose "Clipboard" , and select the type of Clipboard fill from the list.

The fill is there, but if you zoom in, you see unwanted jump stitches between clips. That happened because the clip was upside down. Paste the stitch on the screen. Use the "Control/V" key combination, which will paste onto the screen whatever is on your clipboard.  If what you see is not the clip you need, select the form and press "F4" or "Edit/Retrieve Clipboard Stitches". Paste it on screen again.

 Select the stitches in the group again. ( If you select the form, click Fill, then "unfill",the only stitches on the screen will be the clip, so it is very easy to select by left clicking on the right hand color ribbon.)  Once they are selected,   then  Rotate them 180 degrees. Press "Control/X" to put the stitches back on the clipboard and remove them from the screen, and fill the selected form once again.

A Clipboard Border fill needs a clip that stitches from side to side, rather than vertically. To make a Picot Fill, you need to rotate the clip 180 degrees from the way that same clip would be for a Clipboard fill.

It is smart to use "Edit/Delete/Small stitches" on designs filled with clipboard fills or borders to remove unwanted single stitches. Sometimes the program will put in one extra stitch in each clip. That really adds up if you fill large form.

Lesson 15,Rotate

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