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Lesson 13, Clipboard fills,Continued

To select a few stitches, but not the entire color, you can use "Shift/Arrow". Select a the stitch where you want to begin. To do that, hold the cursor at the stitch and press "C", or just right click. You will see the tiny arrowhead. In the screen capture below the white cursor arrow is pointed at a selected stitch.

Once the stitch is selected, hold down the "Shift key" and at the same time, press the right arrow key. The stitches will become highlighted as they are selected. If you go too far, press the left arrow key while you continue to hold the "Shift" key. That will go backward through the stitches. The image below is a close up made when I had zoomed about 7 times.

You can see there are two purple marks on the right hand color bar. They mark selected stitches. If I wanted to select all the stitches from the point where the last stitch is now selected to the end of the design, I could hold the shift key and press the both Control and End keys at the same time.  To select the stitches from the selected stitch to the top of the file, press Control/Home.

Lesson 14, Clipboard fills, section C

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