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Lesson 12, Clipboard Fills

A. Putting the stitches on the Clipboard.

Thred will make a fill from a group of stitches you put on the Windows clipboard. To use a file from the Clip Library for the clip, just open the THR file and select the stitches. The picture below was made after I left clicked my mouse on the color ribbon at the right side of the screen. Thred selected the black stitches on the screen.

Clip library file 1400.thr.

To put them on the clipboard so you can use them as a fill, press the "C" key while holding down the "Control"key. You may also do this with the command "Control/X", but that command will delete the selected stitches from the screen when it puts them on the clipboard.

If you want to make a new clip, just create a few stitches and put them on the clipboard. A clip for a clipboard fill should begin stitching at the bottom and end at the top. For clipboard borders begin at the left and end at the right. This prevents Thred from stitching back over your clipboard fill.

If you are not already in stitch setting mode, you can select "Add" and then left click to set stitches.

  close up of 1400, and a few stitches.

You can select stitches already on screen with the "shift/ arrow" keys, also. See Lesson 13.

Lesson 13, Clipboard fills, Continued

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