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Lesson 11, Opening a File , Saving a File,View Back-ups, Thumbnails

Click "File/Open" to open a file.

Windows uses a box like you see below for opening files. The small black arrow on the right end of the "look in" field will drop open a list of the drives on your computer, so you can look for other folders. 

The file folder and word "Lessons " means that the operating system will look in that folder for a file. 

If that is not where you want to look, you can navigate by clicking on the file folder and arrow to the right of the "Look in:" space. That leads you up the logic tree to the folder or disk drive where the folder "Lessons" is stored. 

If that is not correct, you can click on the small arrow at the right of the word Lessons. That will show you a map of your computer drives. 

You may also click the small square with a file folder and a cursor on it. That one will let you make a new folder.

Windows "Open" drop box.

To open a file in Thred, select a file in the large window. Thred will open files of these types:

 Bitmap, .BMP format

Tajima embroidery files, .DST format

Pfaff embroidery files, .PCS format

Thred embroidery files, .THR format. ( THS,THT and THU are back-up files of a THR file, and can be opened by using "View/Backups").   If you want to open a THS, THT or THU file in the usual "File/Open" method, you must first rename them to THR.

When you make a design or even just start to work on one, save your work frequently.  The "File/Save as"feature opens a window that lets you choose where to save the file,and  what to call it.  The "File/Save"  or "Control/S" is used to save the file in the same place it was saved most recently.  Thred saves a file in THR file format and at the same time makes a file in the other chosen format, either PCS or DST.  It also makes three back up files.  If you mess up your THR file some way, you can often rescue the design by clicking "View/Backups".  You will see the four most recent copies of the file you are working on. Click on a file image and it will open. If you want to keep that one, change the file name and save it again.  It is smart to change your file name frequently as you work on a design.  I usually use a number to help keep them straight in my mind.  After you complete the design, but before you forget what you have done, delete the extra partial files. Do not keep all versions or you will forget which one is the best, finished one.  That is why I use a number sequence.

Thred has a Delete Back-ups command. "File/Delete/Backups/"  opens a box with the choices: "For the selected Directory or All Backups".  Don't use it until you are sure you won't need them, but it is not wise to let the computer get too full of old files.

Back-Up files screen, showing four files at one time

The "File/Thumbnails" window looks like the "View/ Back-Ups" window.  Open a file in the folder you want to view. Then press the "T" key or select "File/Thumbnails". You can page through the files in the folder by using the "Page up"and Page Down" keys.  Click on a file image and the file will open.

Lesson 12,Clipboard Fills

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