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Lesson 10, Loading a Bitmap

When you want to load a bitmap for use as a pattern while you create a design, just click "File/Load Bitmap".  Then click the file you want in the "Open File" box that will come on the screen.Your bitmap file should be in the same folder where you store your design.

 For use with Thred, a bitmap should be 24 bit color (millions of colors), or it should be 1 bit, (Black and White) Line Art. Do not expect a 256 color file to work, but you can easily change a 256 color file using a graphics program.The images on this page are 256 color GIF files. They would not work in Thred. When you look at a black image on a white background, don't assume it is black and white line art just because it looks black and white. It could be saved as 256 shades of gray, or as a half tone black and white. Again, a black and white file that won't open in Thred can be changed to Line Art/Black and White in a graphics program.  Open the file and "save as" black and white line art.

Basic Graphics Lessons,Black and White Bitmaps   More information about saving a picture for use in Thred.

  Lesson 11,Opening a File

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