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Lesson 09, Fill Spacing

Fill spacing determines how close together the stitches in a fill will be.


You can change the "Fill spacing" in "Preferences", as shown above, or you can select a filled form and change the setting in the "Form Data Box" (F) shown below. The blank box will change the fill spacing. This is also sometimes called stitch density.

Notice the  the "Border spacing" entry.I changed the border number to 1 as a demonstration.   It is very sparse. The red heart border is filled at a fill spacing of .3. You should test stitch various fills to determine what fill spacing suits your embroidery machine and your designs.  Fill spacing that is too close causes the fabric to buckle. A designs with too many stitches if stiff and will not be comfortable on a garment.  This is one of the most common errors made by beginning embroiderers.

Lesson 10, Loading a Bitmap

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