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Lesson 07, How to Change Stitching Order & "Move to Mark"

Suppose I fill the forms in my design and then change my mind about the stitching order? In the heart design below, the small heart filled in blue is under the red heart. When it stitches, you will not see the blue part, so it must be changed.

There are several ways to change stitching order. Since this design has only two parts, you might select the blue stitches choose "Edit/Move/to End", or you might make a mark and use "Edit/Move/to Mark". You could select the red stitches and use "Edit/Move to start".

To "Move to Mark":

First you need to make your mark. Select the stitch at the place to which you want the group moved. The stitches you are moving go into the design after the one you select. Then click "Edit/Set/Order mark (.)", or if you can remember the hotkeys, use the period key.  See Lesson 16, Marks for help on order marks, zoom marks, etc.

Select stitches (not forms). Left click on the color in right hand color ribbon, the stitches of that color will be highlighted and a selection box will enclose them. Or select one stitch, then hold the shift key and the arrow key (together) until you have the group of stitches you want moved.Right arrow moves forward in the stitching order. Left arrow moves backward in the stitching order. A little practice makes this very easy.

Use "Edit/Move to Mark (;) ", or press the semicolon key (;).

  It is very easy to use hotkeys to make a "Move to Mark". Select the stitch, hit the period key (.); select the stitches you want to move, hit the semicolon (;). Thred moves them.

You can also change stitching order by Sorting:  Lesson 26, Sort by Form (Shift/F3)     *   Lesson 27, Sort/Auto (F3 )

Lesson 08, Stitch Boxes

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