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Lesson 06, Changing Thread Colors

The same Windows color box used to change background and bitmap colors will change your thread colors. The color boxes are placed in the order they will stitch in. Left click in the box that is on the right hand side. The color box will pop up. See lesson 05 for how to change the colors.

To select the stitches in a color, click the left box. The left hand row shows the ordinal colors. The right hand row is the colors you prefer for this design. These are the ones you can change. In the ordinal colors, black stitches first,blue second, etc. Commercial embroiderers use the ordinal colors,and will be able to tell at a glance which part of a design stitches next. But you can color your thread as you like. For instance, if you were making a flag using the colors of the USA,you might change color one (where the black box is on the left),white, color two would be red, color three would be blue. The colors stitch in the order you see, from top to bottom. Notice that the color ribbon on the right side of the screen is also arranged in the order the colors will stitch.

flag design

"Edit/Set/ Form color to stitch color"

If you select a section of color from the right hand side of the screen, which we call the "Color Ribbon",and click on the color in one of  the Left hand boxes to change that color, then move a form point so the program refills the form, you will get the original color number you selected (although it may look a different color if you changed the colors in the box since you selected that color number for your stitches).  To set that right, you can change the colors so the stitches on the screen look the way you want them to, and then select "Edit/Set/Form color to stitch color".  This changes the form data entry to the same number as the color you have in the form when you run it, but it does it automatically.

After you use that command, you can select the form, press "F" , and check to see if the color number in the Form Data box is the same as the stitch color number.  The color number you see in the Form data box  is the color the form will refill with if you move a  form point or use "F5" to refill it.  So even if you see the right color on screen, it is wise to use "Edit/Set/ Form color to stitch color" when you finish your design to be sure it stays the way you intend, even if you edit a form and cause it to refill.  You can change the entry in the Form Data box to a different color number and get the same result as you get using "Edit/Set/ Form color to stitch color", but it takes more work.  If you change the stitches in a large number of forms to a different color, it can be very handy to have "Edit/Set/ Form color to stitch color".

Lesson 07, Changing Stitching Order

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