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Lesson 04, 

Changing a Filled Form by using the Form Data box   {previously called the Form- Form ("F")} 

When I selected Fill/ Border/ Perpendicular Satin in Lesson 03, the border I got was ugly. I didn't like it. So I selected the form by right clicking near a form point. Then I tapped the "F" key. You can also select the form and then click "Form" on the top menu. The "F" key hotkey is easier for me. What you will see then is the box below, or something similar.  The program has gotten new features since this picture was made. Since I don't like the border, I will select the box where the cursor arrow is pointing. Another box will open, offering a list of the choices for borders. The first entry is "None". Select that one and the border goes away. There are other choices. You can learn a lot by trying them. Thred will change the fill in your design when you change this form. You can also change the color here, and have a fill of one color and a border of another. The entries for Fill stitch length, Fill , Fill spacing and so forth are also very useful. If you change them here, you do not have to go back and refill your form with a new set of choices. This is the place to change the fill angle.

Left dragging a form point will also change the form after it is filled. It will refill with the same choices that are in the form already .   If you use "Fill/Unfill", and then refill it again, the form will fill with the fill characteristics set in Preferences.

 If you fill  a form and the fill looks funny, check your Preferences. If you change the "Maximum stitch length" to 4 and then fill a wide satin border with a setting of 9, you will get a line of stitches down the center,because the "Maximum stitch length" is shorter than the "Satin border size". If that happens to your design, change the Preferences, and refill the form.

 If you are editing details and have trouble selecting a stitch instead of a form point, you can click "FRM +/- " on the top menu. That will hide the forms. To get them back, just click it again. To select a stitch, hold the cursor near it and left click, or press "C". To select a form point, hold the cursor near it and left click, or press "Y". Press "Q" or "Esc" to get out of any selection, command, or to close a drop box.

Lesson 05, Changing Screen Colors

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