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Lesson 03, Filling a Form with stitches

Once you have made and selected a form, such as the freehand form below, left click the word "Fill" on the top menu. You will see these choices:

This form is already filled with angle fill stitches. If you clicked the highlighted words Thred would also add a border fill of perpendicular satin stitches. A form can hold a fill and a border. If you want more than that, you can use more than one form.  It is not necessary to use both a fill and border in a form, and in many situations using one form for only one fill (or only one border) makes it easier to optimize stitching order, especially when you want the border to be a different color than the fill.

When the form is filled, you can use the form data box to change fill characteristics and to add underlay , edgewalk or centerwalk .  To see the form data box, select the form and press " F ", or click on the word "Form" in the menu bar at the top of the screen.

Lesson 04, Changing a Fill

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