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Lesson 02, Making a Form 

When we talk about a form in Thred we are usually talking about what you make after you click one of the choices shown below. Forms keep track of your stitch choices, and make changes easier. To get to this box, left click on the word "Form" on the menu across the top of your screen, or use the letter hotkey for the type of form you want (in parentheses).

The form shown below is a Freehand form. You can see part of a bitmap behind the drop box. See Lesson 10 , Loading a Bitmap. The "cross in a box"cursor appears when Thred is ready to set Form Points. You can see form points, or form nodes, as we sometimes call them, below the cursor. That small rectangle is a form for the stem section of the apple. I made it by left clicking where I want the fill.

To get a smooth curve you must put form points close together. You do not need as many form points for straight lines as for curves. Use only as many form points as you must. Thred sets a stitch where there is a form point, so if you put form points very close together in a form used for an outline,you will get stitches that are too short to look pleasing. Very short stitches may cause problems with your embroidery machine,such as breaking thread, bobbin thread pulling up on top, or broken needles.

To make a very small circle, select "Regular Polygon" and enter 6 points, or at most 12 points. Then select the form and drag a corner form point inward. That will make the form small. That way you have no more than 12 stitches in your small circle. Keep in mind that things look different stitched in thread than they look on screen. I use a two millimeter grid to help me with stitch length. That helps prevent problems.


 Right click to stop making form points.That should also select the form, but if not, you must select it.  


Left drag to move a form point. You might want to zoom in and look at the form before you try to fill it.("Z", or "In" on the top menu, )

Before you can fill a form with stitches, you must select it. To select a form, hold the mouse cursor near a point on that form and right click. A selected form has a box around it.

Choose "Fill" on the top menu. The drop box will offer you fill and border choices. Pick one, or one of each.

Once you fill a form, moving a form point will make the form refill. If you change the Preference settings,and then your form refills, the new stitches will be set according to the preferences settings at the time you refill the form.

If you wan to see your stitches without seeing the form, use the command "Frm+/-" on the top menu.

For more on filling a form with stitches, see lesson 03 .

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